Worldmaking- Salvage Station
Beam Camp
Strafford, NH

Workshop at non-profit sleep away summer camp, Beam Camp focusing on collaborative making and hands-on skills that explore innovative thinking. Each summer, campers design their own independent projects and take part in collectively building a large-scale installation project selected through an international design competition.

Session II 2017's project was Salvage Station, an immersive sci-fi installation designed by Shing Yin Khor. Project director and workshop co-taught by Morgan Street.

"Worldmaking" was a workshop in sci-fi character development, prop-making, and interactive electronics. Campers developed their own space identities in relation to the Salvage Station, built props for their characters using electronics and recycled materials, then performed their characters calling in to the space station in a group video of "Incoming Transmissions".

Props Props

Incoming TransmissionsIncoming Transmissions

Salvage StationSalvage Station